How to update Garmin Sat Nav?

Garmin Sat Nav is a GPS device used by the drivers to reach their destination through the best possible route. The Garmin Sat Nav update is essential to get the correct information about the changing routes and paths. The users can check the location and can also check the real-time update about their vehicle if their device is updated. Here in this section, we have discussed the easy and straightforward steps to update Garmin Sat Nav. Users who are looking for the steps regarding Garmin update sat nav, are recommended to read the complete information carefully.

For triangulating the position, Garmin Sat Nav device makes use of the GPS satellites. Hence, the triangulated position gets superimposed on the maps that are displayed on the user’s screen. Garmin Maps are simple to use and are also simple to update. Through the Garmin Sat Nav update, the users can also generate their point of interests like hotels and the gas stations.

The users who are facing problem to update Garmin Sat Nav, for them we have here discussed easy steps. Moreover, after getting the Garmin Sat Nav update, all new and the latest features get added. So, feel free to update Garmin Sat Nav and get the query resolved within a couple of minutes.

Step By Step Instructions for Garmin Sat Nav Update

It is necessary to take some simple steps regarding Garmin sat nav update to carry out the whole process perfect way. Therefore, here for all users, we have provided the steps to update Garmin sat nav. There are several ways to update the Garmin Sat Nav, but here discussed are the easy and the straightforward one. There are many ways through which the users can update Garmin Sat Nav. And users who are looking for my Garmin Nuvi sat nav for free, for them, we have enrolled the instructions. So, for the latest map updates, carefully read the complete information provided below.


Step 1

Buy a Cable and Connect the Sat Nav

  • The first and foremost step is to connect the device with the system. The users should have a mini USB cable to accomplish this task, i.e. steps regarding Garmin sat nav update.
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Step 2

Find Your Map

The open street map is an accurate and globally recognised source for maps used by the people. The maps are free, created and are updated by the users and volunteers nationwide.

  • The easiest thing is to find the required Map of your interest and should be ready to use in .img format.
  • After this, follow the steps as enrolled below.
  • Go to
  • After this, in the column “Choose a predefined country”, select the country.
  • Then, click on the “Download Map Now” option.
  • Now, select the file “” to download.
  • Then, unzip the above file.
  • After this, copy the unzipped file to the SD card.


Step 3

Copy the Map to the Sat Nav

Here the user will get two options, i.e. the user can copy the file to the Sat Nav memory, or the can make use of an external SD card.

Option A

Make use of Sat Nav Inbuilt memory

  • The users suggested to copy and paste the file to their device.
  • Once the device gets connected with the system, then it will appear as a new drive.
  • In case if there is not enough space, then the users are recommended to remove some files and replace the existent Map. The user can also make a backup and can copy the files to the computer.
  • After this, replace the pre-installed Map with the latest one and take advantage of the latest and the updated features of Garmin Map.
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Option B

Make use of an external SD card

  • The users who don’t want to remove or touch the original Map, then make use of an external SD card to accomplish the task safely.
  • After this, the users are suggested to create a folder called Garmin and copy the .img file in this directory.

Step 4

Check for the new Map in the Sat Nav

  • The users get recommended to follow the steps as discussed below to check whether the Map got copied correctly and is ready to use or not.
  • Initially, disconnect the Sat Nav from the system.
  • Then, turn it ON and then click on the Tool button located at the top right corner.
  • After this, click on the settings option, there go to the Map option and then on the Map info option.

So, we hope that through the steps discussed above regarding Garmin sat nav update it would become easy for all users to update the Map. In case, if the problem persists the same, then feel free to get connected with the experts. The professionals will guide throughout the process and provide the best possible way for Garmin update sat nav.